“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”
- Winston Churchill.

In the heat of an election or during a long important City Council meeting, we must remember what brought us to this work in the first place and exhibit the values that make us all proud.


I will not communicate in obfuscated political language intended to confuse, misdirect, or evade. Knowing that people can best respond in their individual lives when they are given all of the facts in a truthful manner, I will trust individuals with complex topics and assume a high level of sophistication.


For many, a position is simply a stepping stone to higher office. I will maintain full focus on any position I currently occupy and spend my full energy on helping others from that position.


In our words and actions we cultivate a sense of respect. We may disagree and the others may not afford the same but I will respect every individual I encounter on the campaign trail and around town, including my competitors.


I will seek to serve and unify a diverse community. Strong decisions are made when diverse viewpoints are sought out, fully heard and included. Our community works best when we cultivate a sense of welcome to all.


Honesty is in our nature, and it is one of our greatest means of restoring faith in our democracy. Fidelity to the truth is critical.


In moments of disagreement, the temptations of pride and ego will arise. Let our common purpose bring us together to foster a climate of trust and mutual respect.


I will not hesitate to take bold stances and to accept risk in the defense of these values. Respect should be reserved for people, not for conventions. We should not accept truisms without questioning and should not cower away from being different.


When there is a mistake, I will take ownership, learn, adjust, and move on. Missteps are inevitable, but they should not be repeated. I will own my choices and my work.


There is no point in running for office unless there are meaningful ideas to bring forward for debate. I will take questions seriously and answer them directly. I will lay aside the superficial in favor of the meaningful. I embrace complicated challenges.


The public trust demands enormous discipline. It demands adhering to these values even when no one is around.


A functioning organization is such a marvel that we may at times be amazed simply by the fact of what we are doing. But the standard we should hold ourselves to in every part of our work is not whether it is at the level of an organization, but whether it is at the level we would expect of the best organization of this time.


Amid the great challenge we have accepted, let us be joyful. The American election is the world’s greatest civic and democratic ritual. Let us shape it, partly, by spreading the joy of working for our beliefs.

"There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit." ― Ronald Reagan