Traffic Relief

If you are stuck in traffic, you are not spending time with your kids, you are not working out, you are not attending a PTA meeting or a little league baseball game.

Fix Road Quality

For the last few years road conditions have been deteriorating badly in our community.1 City budgets go up and up, but we keep getting less and less for it. Bad roads lead to more traffic as people have to swerve around potholes, and other problems with our streets. Fixing our road repair department so they better maintain our roads with the budget we have should be a priority.

Bike lane on every street

Every street in Mountain View should have a bike lane on it that is safe to use. Making it safe to bike in Mountain View will reduce traffic.

Temporary closures to test traffic flows

Right now the city moves too slowly and takes too long to decide on how to change road layouts. The City of Mountain View should adopt an iterative approach to testing out traffic flows with temporary, cheap road adjustments like rubber curbs. It should not take years of planning and research and millions of dollars in construction before we know what we are going to end up with.

Eliminate parking minimums

Requiring the building of parking over and above what a business or residence needs just causes additional traffic in our community by creating an incentive for more cars.

Actually. Build. Transit.

For 20 years the City of Mountain View has been flirting with the idea of building transit in our community.2 Now today we can see there is a real need to make it possible to get from transit hubs like our Caltrain station to other areas of the city without driving. The City of Mountain View should stop the studies and start building a solution for our community.

Other Plans: