Require Big Plans

"Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”
- Dwight Eisenhower

We have some big problems in our community today. Problems that hold us back from being the great city we all want to have. To really understand candidates voters deserve more than just a few vague sentences about important issues.

I am sure you will find something in these plans that you disagree with. I expect you will find a lot more that we agree on. These plans are a first step. Long before anything is implemented, there will be revisions, rewrites, community feedback, research and more.

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on these plans:, (650) 733-3917

Plan For COVID Recovery

First we need to stop the spread here locally

What can the city be doing?

Distribute Masks

Setup Daily Testing Sites

Ensure Best Practices Are Followed

Communicate Better

Mental Support


Speed up approval processes

Temporarily suspend some inspections



Plan For Fixing Housing

How can we do it?

Build new projects in empty spaces, not in neighborhoods.

Make sure construction is done responsibly

Approve projects faster

Fully digital submittal for housing projects

Stop council Voting On Projects

Eliminate the Gatekeeper Program

Close down Airbnb’s That Violate Rules

Good Data, Good Policy

Reduce the Housing Complexity

Reduce the Administrative Cost

Naturally affordable housing

Plan For Police Modernization

Ensure spending is in line with need

Eliminate Police Toys

Eliminate Excessive Weaponry

Diversify Public Safety Personnel

Study the Merged Public Safety Model

Mandatory De-Escalation Training

Ban Outside Work

Reform Investigations

Fired Means It

Outside Review

8 Can't Wait

Ban Police Union Money From Council Campaigns

Ban Rubber Bullets and Beanbags

Return the Department of Defense Gear

Ban Military Style Uniforms

Race Reporting

Customer Service Surveys

Plan For Environmental Stewardship

Set a goal, stick to it

Things We Can Do Right Now

Stop the city purchase of all new gas powered vehicles

Stop using natural gas in all city buildings

Purchase 100% renewable power

Build a Bikeable City

Plan For Traffic Relief

Fix Road Quality

Bike lane on every street

Temporary closures to test traffic flows

Eliminate parking minimums

Actually. Build. Transit.

Plan For Social Justice

Housing Justice

Police Conduct

Hiring, reviews and promotions

Budget allocations

Plan For An Effective City

Moving Faster

Some specific examples of moving to slow.

How can we fix this problem?

Increase citizen voice

Making it easier for citizens to particiate