"Mix of Experience,
Inventiveness, and Practicality"
- Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

We Can Do So Much Better

This period of recovery is a once in a generation opportunity to build a community that works better for everyone. To seize this opportunity, I have developed detailed plans to rebuild
Mountain View even better.

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COVID Recovery

A once in a generation opportunity to rebuild our community so that it works for everyone.

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Fixing Housing

Ensuring everyone has a safe, affordable place to live while protecting our neighborhoods.

Voters deserve more than a few sentences. They deserve detailed plans.

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Police Reform

Social justice is not just a concept that can be left to courts but one the city must lead on.

Meet Paul


Elected to the City Council in West Lafayette, Indiana while a student at Purdue University, I brought together diverse communities to pass ordinances that protected renters, increased citizen involvement in the city and ended abusive business practices.


I have worked as a software engineer with The New York Times, Google, and Waymo and have experienced how world-class organizations are run. During my five years in venture capital, I helped build and launch businesses that discovered new drugs and made them safe to manufacture.

Values Driven

In the heat of an election or an important City Council meeting, we must remember what brought us to this work in the first place and exhibit the values that make us all proud.

But this is not about me. This is about working together, building a community that is great, one that is socially just, that values all people, and makes that more than just talk but actually lives up to that goal.
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