Paul Roales

This fall I will be running for the Mountain View, California City Council.

This has been a devastating year for so many, with a lot happening far beyond Mountain View. But even before the pandemic, it was clear to many neighbors, myself included, that we need a more proactive approach from our city council.

As a college student at Purdue I was elected to the West Lafayette, Indiana City Council, where I brought together diverse groups to pass laws that improved the housing situation, that broadened community representation in City Hall and that made sure people were not taken advantage of.

We have a very vibrant and talented community, with residents who truly care and try to make their voices heard, but I’ve seen firsthand how local government here can be insular. We should dramatically expand the number and size of city advisory committees, and give them real authority and input in the governing process. Strengthening our local democracy to involve a wider range of skills and perspectives should be our aim.

As more and more local employers decide their employees may work from home indefinitely, our city will likely be changed forever. We need a city council that is effective, that listens, and acts to ensure that the Mountain View emerging from this crisis is one that’s accessible for everyone, and is still competitive in attracting new residents from around the world. It is not enough just to be welcoming any more, we need results in line with our goals for inclusion and broader social justice.

Financial support for this campaign can be made through ActBlue.

Enjoy hearing from you - - (650) 733-3917